A three- piece collaborative movement and theatre based project,


Investigating harsh linear thought, stringent dichotomies and the deep yearning to become the space in between.  

Building choreographic structures that reclaim our animal-beings, re-wild action processes of contemporary people.

[melting and melding isolating constructs] those which separate humans from their environments


We equalize ourselves with the blue algae specks,

the water, running, dripping.

The shining red car.

The beetles in the tall grass.

The generator, humming.  


Small gestures towards an engaged perception of current surroundings as they continue to fluctuate.



Play as a vital cabinet of medicine, 

Indulgence as a modality for individual exploration

And the current moment as a container, filled and enough.


Fete I: New City Gallerie, May 2016

Fete II: The Attic, June 2016

Fete III: Winooski River, September 2016 


Choreographer/Creator* Mia Pinheiro

Mentors* Este Puerta, Jennifer Kerns

Performers* Lydia Kern, Maddie Rabin, Addie Herbert, Navah Stein, Charlie McKenna, Olivia Malone, Sage Horsey

Music* Brittany Langdon

Builders + Hands* Brian Raymond, Victoria Pinheiro, Josie Colt

Film* Harvey Bigler

Photos* Stephen Schuderi, Lydia Kern, Navah Stein