a deconstructed ballet on the disobedient Origin of pleasure. 

Mermelada was a weeklong performance during the film festival Monkey Town in Mexico City, April 2019. It is a performance art piece that touches on the importance of pleasure and sex to the emotional health of the human population using giant wearable paper mache puppets that invert the story of the Fall of Man through comic absurdity, talking fruits and oozing trees. The project fuses my interests in live arts, performing sculptures, clowning, eroticism and the continuos evolution of the human. My intention with this project is to experiment with sociological concepts through tangible forms, familiar stories and living art, which replaces the human form with non-human entities in order to restructure a perspective on what it is to be human, what societal structures have been implanted, and how we can re-regulate for more intuitive adaptation. Original musical composition by Alexandria Hall. Performances by Mia Pinheiro and Julie Jardel. Human Apples by Greer Pester. The performance occurred twice each evening for a week, is 18 minutes long and was viewed by an international audience.

nos vemos en la tierra de leche y miel