Paper Guts

Hosted + Lead by Mia Pinheiro (bio at bottom)

Monday August 20th to Monday August 27 | 530–800 eveningtime | Burlington VT


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PaperGuts is a weeklong intensive Movement+Performance Studies immersion consisting of experiments designed to activate mythologies & fictions through expression with the critical body* and working with multiple ways to transfer them into reality. Collective and Solo exercises will be explored, stirred, fantasized, dug up from the depths of consciousness to create authentic, personal, global and abyssal histories of each individual through live arts.


The curriculum provides concrete experiences in movement + improvisation studies, clown, physical theater, the collaborative process/dialogue and development of independent performance work. In addition to the performance modality, we will work with creating costume from paper/found materials to accompany each individuals solo. The methodology favors questions and experiments. The workshop will be hosted in a studio in Burlington VT with some sessions in public spaces/outdoors as called for by dialogue that develops between participants. At the end of the workshop, there will be a showing of these individual works, open to the public.


We will explore exercises to practice with each person's fiction / individual story: [Reviving mythologies & fictions is a tool of survival. It is to take culture into our hands, share personal stories and become vulnerable bodies composed of blood, guts: temporal beasts.


This is a radical politic to emphasize the importance of the most basic thing we have, our own bodies.  It is to create a collective knowledge of the importance of these modalities: FICTION, PLAY, BODY. Performance is a vehicle for a public body dialogue. Somatic awareness as the landscape of the body as narrator. These stories celebrated and acted through these bodies cultivate a new method of shared communication. What language does it speak?

We will work with humor, impossible questions, emotions, imaginary / real stories, absurdity, neutrality, playfulness, temporality.


*[Critical body is acting through the emotional intuitive state of the body. It is a movement away from over-utilizing critical thinking/language/facts and towards towards using improvisation/emotion/body as the primary method of moving through the world/working through solutions. Emotion over of thought, body over of mind. Not nullifying the importance of the latter (thought/mind), but shifting the dialogue to the former (emotion/body)to emphasize use of our whole body intelligence.]



This course is designed for the artist, entrepreneur, teacher, health and wellness practitioner, or any-body who desires to work with their own physicality as an instrument of inspiration, deepening into their own process of self-discovery and confidence. No experience necessary.

Where: Sessions will occur in a secret location within Burlington, VT: TBA very soon. 

When: Monday August 20th to Monday August 27. 530–800 evening time. 

What you will get from this course:

  • Eight, 2.5 hour Movement Performance workshops •including a module for effective costume prop design and creation•

  • A completed individual Performance Work and Final Showing based on YOUR mythologies and critical body research

  • Resources for further study + creative exploration

  • An entirely original shared language with a collection of humans

Tuition:  $300 for eight 2.5 hour sessions. Sliding-scale available, ask! 





Mia Pinheiro is an artist/performer/facilitator who is from the New Bedford MA, lived in VT for many years and spent the major part of her last year studying and making art in Mexico. She has also recently travelled and studied movement practices, physical theater and visual arts in Texas and New Orleans. In June 2018 she exhibited mYto, a myth-making playground during her residency at LLORAR CDMX in Mexico City and in March 2018, she created the immersive fantasy Feast of Fictions while in residency at The Lab Program at Pandeo DF in Mexico City. She completed an intensive study with the choreographer Deborah Hay and was a cast member of the Royal Frog Ballet Surrealist Cabaret Autumn 2017 after teaching the intensive summer course The Body Ensouled: Intimacy of Place and Insight of Motion with Temenos VT.  In 2017 she embarked on a  research sabbatical in Mexico studying movement and choreography, with a focus on relationships and personal creative process. She has created a variety of collaborative movement pieces with unique location including the Winooski River, New City Gallerie, The Light Club Lamp Shop, The Hive, The Attic, Museu Contemporaneo Arte Oaxaca and Bosque Ciudad de Mexico. She has received a degree in contemporary dance and movement studies through the University of Vermont and has with studied with wide variety of talented choreographers including Erika Senft-Miller, Claire Byrne and Hannah Dennison. She is an alumni of Temenos Vermont's Course Creative Concept Development: Art as Alchemy by Estefania Puerta. She has supplemented her studies through the completion of many workshops: 'Siente' at CASA San Augustin Etla in Oaxaca, MX by Laura Rios and Linda Austin, 'Figure/Ground' at Shelburne Farms Breeding Barn by Hannah Dennison, 'Taller Danza Africana' at AfrOaxaquena, MX by Karim Keita and 'MELT' at Movement Research, NY by Vicky Schick. She has been creative consultant for Temenos Vermont, assisting in the development of community programs and arts initiatives .  She has been a dancer in three professional works in Vermont and countless other incredible pieces by local artists. She has often found herself as a assistant stage director, choreographer or roving performance artist. 

Mia has a great desire to share her in depth studies of this unique form of body-expression with all who want to learn, for she believes it is a certain kind of medicine. A potent concoction for intuitive action. She holds 'play' and 'celebration' as necessary antidotes to the heaviness of our current socio-politic; and knows these gatherings-these collaborations- will nibble away at the magic cookie of humans remembering the wild-selves.