Paper Guts

Monday August 20th to Monday August 27 | 530–800 Eveningtime | Burlington VT

My mission as teacher + artist is to go into choreographed experiments of motion in order to reach the practical, basal + intricate needs of each body, in turn amplifying individual + collective expression and understanding of body, as well as relation to environment. I am hypothesizing that this module I am formulating will unlock fresh ways of problem solving, creative action and embodied expression in the individual, in collaboration, in performance, in the daily day.


Collections from Past Workshops + Culminating Performances below...

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Temporal Mythologies | Beasts of Material 

DayLong Winter 2018 Workshop at New City Gallery, Burlington VT 

This Movement/Performance Studies three hour immersion workshop is a series of collective experiments designed to amplify the relationship with the body as a tool of innovation/ingenuity. The Body/The Researcher in motion will unearth hidden material through sensory play, practice release into the reality of temporality, falling into the delights of storytelling, replenishing antiquated perceptions, and nurturing a freshness of intuitive insight. We will develop our own individual questions for developing personal practices to bring home with us. These exercises are inspired by legendary choreographer + disrupter Deborah Hay (a translation of my time with her), studying with Linda Austin (US) and Laura Rios (MX), and extensive study with University of Vermont Dance Dept., and my own personal research.

This is a radical politic to emphasize the importance of the most basic thing we have, our own bodies. And the temporariness of them. Creating a collective knowledge of the weight of this modality. Performance is a vehicle for a public body-dialogue. Somatic awareness as the landscape of the body as storyteller. These stories held and acted through these bodies cultivate a new + shared communication method. What language does it speak?

We will work with humor, impossible questions, emotions, imaginary/real stories, absurdity, neutrality, playfulness, temporality.

The study of embodiment, intuitive research and personal story is way in which humanity can mend- through softening and through coming to terms with not being fixed, as well as harnessing an understanding of the connections that lie between seemingly separate entities.

The participants will be guided through exercises of improvisational movement, artistic practice development, solo + group performance making, and confidence in performative expression in a collaborative and thoughtful/welcoming environment.

The Body EnSouled: Intimacy of Place + Insight of Motion 

Intensive Summer 2017 Workshop in collaboration with Jennifer Kerns of Temenos Vermont

Earthed in a fusion of Jungian thought movement/dance studies, this course offers a soul-centered investigation into the body as action and the places/environments which the action unfolds. 

We will use our bodies in motion and sensory settings/environments to replenish/reconstruct antiquated perceptions and trajectories, nurturing a freshness of intuitive insight. The curriculum provides concrete experiences in improvisational movement, choreographic development, the collaborative process, confidence in performative expression while learning to host+tend the DreamBody.

The goal of this immersion is to unlock + invent pathways to creativity through movement and performance, as well as birthing methods of infusing the current politic/civility with a re-wilding solution. Performance is a vehicle for this public body-dialogue or story-telling through somatic awareness.We will harness the wisdom of the individual body (your body) and the collective body (collaboration), as well as thickening self-esteem and belief in the necessity of your own story (with the landscape of the body as storyteller). Each student will work through creative collaborations as well as developing one’s own choreography.

This course is designed for the artist, entrepreneur, teacher, health and wellness practitioner, or individual who desires to work with their own physicality as an instrument of inspiration, deepening into their own process of self-discovery and confidence through movement/dance, performance and Jungian thought. No experience necessary.